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  Kate O.
"Thank you! I should have just contacted you in the first place; you've been ten times more helpful than my home inspector." Kate

he house is so much more comfortable. Thank you so much for taking the time to investigated the best solution for us. You are very thorough and very professional. I will recommend you to all who are looking for green solutions to their homes and offices."

"Recently we became the proud owners of a new house in Garnet Valley, PA. Shortly after we began to discuss the house plans with our builder/developer, we searched for consultor on LEED issues. Since we had dealt with Scott Bailey and Mary Roach-Bailey before in developing and building other construction projects at our old home, we felt comfortable and confident working with Bailey Design Green. We started LEED consulting too late in the development of the house, so we understand that we would not be able to achieve certification. Despite that, we still wanted to incorporate as many LEED specifications as possible.

All through the project, we were especially taken how helpful and accommodating they were. We scheduled regular design meetings during the building progress and kept close track of the standard LEED points check list which they provided us. They gave us a great deal of specific information on everything from “green” flooring and kitchen cabinetry, to paint and carpet options with low and/or no VOCs.

Mary was very helpful with the internal aspects, while Scott was primarily focused on the overall construction such as envelope and material use, neighborhood, and landscaping issues. For example, together we analyzed the run-off situation during construction as well as rainwater harvesting opportunities, which ultimately led us to install an 1100 gallon underground cistern tank for irrigation purposes.

Scott and Mary are highly motivated and pay great attention to details. Consulting with them certainly gave us peace of mind while going through the process of building a new house. We felt they were working with us, rather than just working for us. We give our highest possible recommendation of Bailey Design Green to others for any project."

Please feel free to contact us anytime.
Peter and Chrissy Grims
November 30, 2009 



"We needed someone who could act as an owner agent to help us make sure our builder was giving us what we needed. Scott was able to make inspections and recommendations that proved important to our project. This made the whole process easier for us."

Mike and Elizabeth Klauer



"Scott's knowledge of design and construction techniques were just what we needed for our successful project."

Tony Sinnott