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2017 West Chester Residence Kitchen Remodel
What a pleasure to work with clients a second time! The conversation and mode of operation is already established.

2015 West Chester Residence Energy Audit & Comissioning
For this project we began by listening. What we heard was a story of lack of control over indoor air quality and 
poor return for the amount spent on energy, especially in the winter. So we did a complete whole house energy 
audit with a RemRate analysis that pointed us in the direction to go. Then we located some energy improvement 
companies and produced a scope of work and solicited proposals. Which we evaluated and then the contracts 
were awarded and the work supervised. Finally we did a blower door test-out to be sure the air sealing still 
provided sufficient air for the home.

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5   6   7

1  The infrared camera is an important tool to find weakness in the thermal barrier.
2  Here I am performing the initial blower door test.
3  This is a view of the Manometer in operation.
4  Here is a view of one of the attic sections.
5  The house did not have an attic access, so we put one in that also included a super deck and an access panel that is very airtight.
6  The video camera allows us to see into areas that are difficult to get into.
7  The LED retrofit kit improves the air tightness of the fixture and also is much cooler than other bulb types.

2015 West Chester Residence Updating/Repair Work
"I hired Scott Bailey to complete several construction projects at my house in the Summer and Fall of 2015. 
I was delighted and impressed with his attention to detail, patience, quiet efficiency, skills, and thoughtfulness.
He helped to make my home more beautiful and more livable. His work is home improvement at its best. I am 
very eager to have him back!"  Customer

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1  Reparing water damage to exterior porch wall
2  Updating bathroom cabinets and fixtures
3  New Bamboo floor & Closet Makeover: new doors modified to fit a non-standard door frame
4  Closet Makeover: Interior closet fixtures

2015 Sharpless Street West Chester Residence Bath Remodel

"The bathroom is fabulous. All of our ideas realized by such competent tradesmen/artists is such a treat. I wouldn't change a thing and thank all who were involved. Can't wait for the next project." Customer

The owner's acted as the general contractor, we acted as the owner's agent. Worked cooperatively on the design and material selection. Located and supervised all the tradesmen as well as being the lead carpenter. Relocated linen closet to make room for a glass shower with a separate new tub. Carefully removed all trim around doors and re-used it for new linen closet.

Before—After photos


Complete gut rehab | Chute used to control the demolition waste | Removing old insulation | Electric-Plus Co. drilling through stone for new exhaust system | Installation of a Panasonic exhaust fan | Air sealing with firestop caulking


Layton Tile & Stone | Tile details | All new plumbing fixtures & hardware | Panoramic of completed bath 



2015 Cambrdge Street Philadelphia Residence Kitchen Remodel
Second Project with this homeowner: Totally redo a cheap 1990s kitchen with new layout, tile flooring, cabinets, 
energy-efficient appliances and expanded granite counter tops.


2015 Kitchen Remodel/Dining Room detailing/Powder Room from an under the staircase closet




2014 Downingtown Residence Energy Check & Remediation

This custom design was not maintaining the indoor air quality that the owners expected, and their energy bills were high. 
1  We air-sealed any penetrations through the basement band joists. 
2  The insulation was reinstalled in the basement with the vapor barrier to the heated spaces.
3  Following a complete whole house energy audit the upgrading work began. All mechanical systems were analyzed and 
a manual-J calculation was done to determine the building’s heating and cooling load. Baffles were properly installed as 
well as insulation where it was missing. Andrew McDowell assisted in this extensive process.

  1   2   3

4  A helper from the Veteran’s Administration’s Work Therapy program constructs an attic hatch cover. 
5  Later the upgrades were performed to the duct work and the air handler.

4     5    

2014 Kava Hut by the Pool

Client wanted shaded area by the pool to socialize and still keep an
eye on the kids. Featured in Profession Deck Builder magazine:

2014 Historic House Evaluation for Prospective Buyer

"Thank you! I should have just contacted you in the first place; you've been ten times more helpful than my  
home inspector." Kate

Client wanted a second evaluation for redoing this historic home in an energy-efficient, green way. We took professionals in to look at the building indepth and submitted a report that will help her make up her mind.

2013-2014 West Chester Condo Kitchen Remodel

Before: Client wanted a new look for this standard condo kitchen. All cabinets and appliances were donated to the local Habitat for Humanity Re-store. A win-win for all.

After: cherry cabinets with stone countertops; stainless appliances and exhaust fan; floor of tile (for easy maintenance) that looks like wood; added several pantries with sliding soshi screen doors. A totally different look with more storage, a generous table/sitting area with a custom built window seat and easy maintenance.

2013 Steel Residence undergoes testing and Bailey Design makes suggestions to tightened the house to make 
it more energy efficient.
"The house is so much more comfortable. Thank you so much for taking the time to investigated the best solution for us. 
You are very thorough and very professional. I will recommend you to all who are looking for green solutions to their homes 
and offices." Mark 

Follow up 2 years later: "It's so wonderful. I think its the best thing we ever did." Marie Steel